Check Outgoing Messages

The CS Colect Connector app builds the different messages as they are defined in the product sets and for the customers and sellers with a Colect Status.

The messages can be checked before they are sent.

Items in Product Sets are displayed on the Colect Product Data Overview page:

Product Data Overview

A card page view can be opened per line, on which all Colect data is visible that is sent to Colect.

Prices, Sizes and Extra fields (item attributes) are listed in subpages. Sizes have a separate subpage.

Product Data Card Page

The available stock (including the 'future stock') and any prepack definition are displayed on the underlying page of a size.

Prepack definitions are displayed from assembly BOM lines if they are set up for an item.

Customer data available in Colect can be viewed on the Colect Customers page.

Sales orders available in Colect can be viewed on the Colect Order Data page.

Sales invoices available in Colect can be viewed on the Colect Invoice Data page.

Export messages to Colect

Messages created for Colect are sent via a communication app. Contact for the implementation of a communication app.

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