Setup Bar Code Definitions

Identify bar code definitions (number series) on the page Bar Code Definitions:

The different columns or fields are explained below:z


A general code that identifies a definition. The code must be unique.


Description that explains the user what the code is used for.


Country/Company No.:

EAN Bar code number series are usually provided by your local GS1 office. GS1 publishes EAN number series per country. The first two digits are used as country code (87 is The Netherlands), the next 4, 5 or 6 digits indicate your company code (1196 in the above mentioned example).


Starting No.:

The starting number is the first number in the EAN number series that may be used.

Remark: The total length of the Country/Company No. and the Starting no. should be 12 digits. CS EAN Bar code management calculates the 13th digit of the code while assigning EAN bar codes. The 13th digit is a ‘check digit’ for control purposes.


Ending No.:

The ending number is the last number in the EAN number series that may be used.


Warning No.:

The warning number indicates that a user will be warned that the EAN number series run out of range when bar codes are assigned above this number. A new number range must be ordered at your local GS1 office, or you should delete bar codes that are no longer in use.


You may add as many definitions as needed, but CS Bar code management will use only 1 of these definitions in the setup page.

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